March 2021 Roundup

March 2021 Roundup
Photo by Glen Carrie / Unsplash

A bit of a slow month for me really, just keeping on going with my degree and not at lot else happening at all.

Following on from last month and the new selfhosted services I setup I can now say that I've massively cut my time on Reddit due to reading articles I'm interested in straight from the RSS feeds I've setup in FreshRSS.

Unfortunately my YouTube consumption hasn't really changed and I've struggled with getting yt-dl to work consistently and with the YouTube Plex plugin for metadata.

Top Articles

These two articles give yet more reasons to DeGoogle my life.

Google collects 20 times more telemetry from Android devices than Apple from iOS
Academic research published last week looked at the telemetry traffic sent by modern iOS and Android devices back to Apple and Google servers and found that Google collects around 20 times more telemetry data from Android devices than Apple from iOS.
Why popular YouTubers are building their own sites
Some big YouTube names are building their own video sites on the side - just in case.

And these next two highlight just how little the UK government cares about it's citizens online privacy.

The UK is secretly testing a controversial web snooping tool
The Investigatory Powers Act, or Snooper’s Charter, was introduced in 2016. Now one of its most contentious surveillance tools is being secretly trialled by internet firms
Minister hints at UK departure from GDPR
Government sends first signal of intention for UK data protection laws to part company with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
Write Simply
Nuclear power must be well regulated, not ditched
It is an essential weapon in the fight against climate change
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity

At some point I'll need to figure out how to link to articles in the event that the source page that I've been linking to is no longer online. will likely be my friend here.